is lava the ultimate unsnackable?

unsnackable vol. 2



Sep 21 2020

3 mins read


The last few months have been a successful exercise in indulging my hyperfixations. Not on reality. Never on reality, on incredibly dumb things like lava. The world is on fire. My brain has decided that all I need to feel better is a bit of molten earth. This makes sense.


I don't just want to touch the lava. I want to eat lava. Maybe that is why I let my brain spiral a bit to think about what a lava cake would look like if it wasn't merely a chocolate cake filled with ganache. 

Would it be warm, nutty black sesame, two types of citrus (one in a curd and the other slightly pickled), and a bit of chocolate and coconut to tie everything together? Maybe not, but it was a good inspiration for a dessert.


This was delicious, but I regret to inform you I'd still trade it for any of this week's unsnackables. 

the unsnackables


The first time I spotted this adorable frozen confection, it was a knockoff. It was then that I learned that the success of Aice, a low-cost frozen confection brand from Singapore, had forced the hand of its much larger competitors (like Unilever owned Walls in Indonesia) to slash their prices and make copycat versions of their products. The Aice Sweet Corn is comprised of corn flavored ice cream encased by a corn shaped soft cone/cake. Every review seems the say that the knockoffs can't capture the magic of the original. 

Lemonade is one of those beverages that differs across cultures but is always guaranteed to be delicious. Almdudler, an Austrian lemonade, is more dry and herbal than what kids sell when they are cosplaying capitalism here in the states. Combine those herbal flavors with the texturally superior European Haribo gummies and you're guaranteed a good time. 


Every chip in the Lay's Chef's Signature series features a chef and the dish that inspired the snack, except mysteriously these Baked Cheese and Tamarind ones. Who is the enigma behind these chips? Why did they back away from their beautiful creation? Why do Americans think adding bacon to desserts is exciting when they could do shit like this?


I have spent my entire life following the guiding principles of Sprite. They told me that thirst is something to be honored. Thirst is something that you obey. Yet, they created a Lemon Mint flavor of Sprite and now I thirst for it and I cannot obey that thirst. 


I have trouble articulating how much I love Japanese chuhai because they are so much better than any western canned cocktail equivalent. To give you a hint, I saw this mango, carrot, orange, and apple vegetable-fruit hybrid chuhai and thought "damn, I really want that" and not "boozy v8 refreshers, that sounds... interesting.”

I’m still figuring this out, but hopefully, you enjoyed v.2 of unsnackable.

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