boba ramen and scandalized fanta

unsnackable vol. 40



Jun 21 2021

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Close your eyes and imagine your favorite drinking vessel. Does one come to mind or is the image murky and misshapen because it is impossible to have a singular favorite? I have nothing more than a situational allegiance to my collection of cups, mugs, glasses, and carafes. Beverages take the shape of the vessel they are presented in, and I appreciate the ability to exert that type of control over something in my life. 

When I was younger, my dad used to drink water from a bowl occasionally and when pressed for a reason, he just said it tasted better. I never understood then, but adulthood is an exercise in recognizing both the beauty and flaws in the logic of those who raised you. But he was right, ice-cold water tastes better when you're drinking it face-first from the biggest vessel possible. On hot summer days like today, I plunge precariously full plastic deli containers into the freezer just long enough for a thin layer of ice to form. I take them out, and they disappear in a series of gulps.

I've included some footage of this below.

If the ~discourse~ can be trusted (it never can), then thirst is merely a tool created by the bottled water/Gatorade industrial complex. Either way, this newsletter only exists to serve your spiritual thirst for more unsnackables

the unsnackables


My love for sugar is more unconditional than my love for myself, but I wholeheartedly believe that the key to dessert is to use sugar for structure instead of flavor. That's why I can say with a straight face that I want to try this fish and chips flavored mochi because vinegar-tinged crisps flavored ice cream is a truly genius flavor profile. Also because the fish is just a white chocolate decoration.


Gari is my favorite tapioca-derived product by a wide margin, but the looming boba shortage has weighed heavily upon me. Luckily, it is still possible to get my fix with a savory twist with this ramen. Reviews seem to be mixed, but this Instagram hoax-inspired snack is no joke.


This grape and berry-flavored drink said to resemble the rich flavor of port wine, technically comes from one of the few brands I try to avoid mentioning in this newsletter (Fanta). Not to say that the localized Fanta flavors don't have merit, it just feels like an easy crutch to lean on. I might also be a bit scandalized by how often the broad network of "rare snack shops" and websites in the states sell singular bottles for upwards of $15.


Calamansi is a truly perfect form of citrus. I love how it feels like you taste it with your entire mouth, with acid playing off of bitterness and a note of sweetness to bring it all together. I'm not sure if this Philippine liqueur will recreate all of those notes, but the packaging makes me hope otherwise. 

I’m still figuring this out, but hopefully, you enjoyed v.40 of unsnackable.

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