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unsnackable vol. 30



Apr 05 2021

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I wish I could say I have never laughed at a prank. Pranks are so vulgar , nothing more than half-baked jokes with humor rooted in quiet cruelty. But Punk'd was on the air when my neural pathways were still forming and for a window of time watching Justin Timberlake cry was a significant source of joy in my life.


In the 20 years since Punk'd premiered pranks have become the cultural currency of the worst corners of the internet. They are insufferable on a normal day, but on April 1st they become an inescapable plague. Brands race to embarrass themselves via photoshop and beg for laughs they don't deserve. Embarrassing.

The only good April Fools content came from this Polish snackstagram as a caption that says "it’s finally strawberry season"


Like the comedic genius of that insta post, I find beauty in brevity and shall apply that mantra to this curation of new unsnackables

the unsnackables


I barely lived through the Zooey Deschanel-Fred Flare- colored tights and ballet slippers era of millennial whimsy. But I'm still deeply charmed by this honey sold in repurposed glue stick containers. The same applicator designed to glide over documents and envelopes can do the same for toast and pancakes.


I hold my looming lactose intolerance at bay with a slavish commitment to probiotics and a deep belief in my right to enjoy cheese because I was born in Wisconsin. This riff on German Sauermilchkäse uses Icelandic Skyr as a base instead of skim milk quark. I'm intrigued by the cross-cultural dairy alliance in a cute, bite-sized package


The breadth of flavors encompassed by herbs called"basil" is intimidatingly vast. Rose is paired with clove-like purple basil and carrot juice to make this Turkish soda a striking shade of red


I always think of Lulo as citrus, but it is a nightshade with a closer resemblance to tomatoes than an orange. Their tart, earthy flavor makes me less scared and more intrigued by this cola and beer shandy.

I’m still figuring this out, but hopefully, you enjoyed v.30 of unsnackable.

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